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ZoomTrader being very new was founded in 2012. Based in Mahe, Seychelles, this is a highly sought binary options broker. Offering a wide range of financial instruments or assets to trade, this brokerage firm brings returns up to 83%. Apart from the high returns, this brokerage firm
also provides competitive transactional costs and does not charge any commission or fees for trades. Carving a niche for its attractive welcome bonuses, this ZoomTrade has become a popular option.

Company Information

Founded in:
The Owner:
AA7 Group Ltd
+44 203 642 47 27
Minimum Deposit:
Minimum Trade Amount:
Maximum PerTrade:
Languages available:
Languages Available – Arabic, Polish, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Turkish, Chinese, Japanese, Korean

Trading Platform

ZoomTrader offers trading platform which are powered by TradoLogic online trading engine. TradoLogic is known for offering a wide variety of excellent design layouts and customizable skins that suit each operator’s individual taste and needs. Here traders can trade assets like stocks, currency pairs, commodities and indices, etc. and feel thrilled when they get extra features such as bonuses and great trading experience.

Main Features

There are several unique features associated with ZoomTrader’s trading platform; for instance, here traders access the “Close Now” feature wherein they can choose to close their trades before the initial expiry time and lock in their profits as and when they want. Similarly, when a trade is not going in their favor they can actually delay the expiration of the contracts by using the “Extend Now” feature.

The brokerage firm promises that if traders expect market growth but don’t know how much the price will increase, they can trade with it and invest in the trend itself and cash in the opportunity provided by Digital Options which is known for its simplicity. Digital Options are considered the most popular type of binary options wherein traders speculate whether the given stock or commodity will grow or drop and depending upon their prediction, their returns are determined.

Nonetheless, with various types of trades e.g. Classic High/Low Binary Options, One Touch Options, Range Options, Touch Up/Down Options (Double Touch Options), Turbo Options (60 Second Options), etc. traders have plenty of opportunities to make money.

Various Kinds of Trading Accounts

Like several types of options, ZoomTrader also offers various kinds of trading accounts. The first two trading accounts are Mini Trading Account ($100 Minimum Deposit) and Bronze Trading Account ($250 Minimum Deposit). These accounts are fundamental and come with less features when compared with the Silver Trading Account ($500 Minimum Deposit).
The two most preferred trading accounts are Gold Trading Account ($1000 Minimum Deposit) and Platinum Trading Account (Minimum Deposit above $5000).

Customer Support

ZoomTrader provides excellent customer care services wherein traders get call support and chat support for their issues while trading. They can utilize multilingual support as it provides customer care in Arabic, English, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Turkish. Providing round the clock customer support, ZoomTrader can be contacted at

User Friendly

The overall outlook of the website and the trading platform that ZoomTrader offers can safely be assumed one of the leading ones on the market. ZoomTrader has tried to keep everything simple and straight, and has received overwhelming appreciation from traders.

Ultimate Overview

If mobility and flexibility are important for you, ZoomTrader is definitely a broker you should look for. Higher the account grade, better the features and services you get; thus, if you wish to trade well and confidently go for the advanced trading account.