ZeusHash Giving Away over 30 TH/s of Bitcoin cloud mining power to over 2000 new customers


ZeusHash Giving Away over 30 TH/s of Bitcoin cloud mining power to over 2000 new customers

Zeus Integrated Systems Limited which is known for its ability to deliver state of the art crypto currency ASIC chip design and miner manufacturing, has announced that it is giving away over 30 TH/s of Bitcoin cloud mining power to over 2000 new ZeusHash customers. The offer is available from October 16th and October 20th i.e. today is the last day.

The company says that it is to give back to the cryptocurrency community worldwide. It says that its mission is to connect global crypto currency lovers together and provide excellent goods and services for the community. The announcement came in the form of a press release wherein it says that it expects a lot of appreciation from customers.

The press release says that considered as one of the most popular Scrypt ASIC manufacturer, ZeusMiner recently launched innovative cloud hash mining platform ZeusHash and within two weeks of going live over 10,000 users joined ZeusHash and the cloud mining platform now has Bitcoin and Litecoin cloud mining customers from 110 countries worldwide.

Nonetheless, carving a niche for its product, ZeusHash says that it is now offering new users the opportunity to receive one of 2000 free ZeusHash Gift Bags with generous amounts of 30Th/s free Bitcoin mining power ranging from 0.5Gh/s to 100Gh/s. This offer according to the company is to promote itself to new customers.

In the press release ZeusHash says that it has nodes covering America, Asia and Europe to ensure that users always receive optimal mining pool latency worldwide when mining Bitcoin and Litecoin. The company admits that with its extensive mining infrastructure ZeusHash is integral to the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

Give-Away is part of Its Responsibility towards Its Customers

According to the firm, this ensures customers can purchase sustainable hashing power at heavily discounted prices. Also, as Zeus has partnered with several companies that includes well-established Bitcoin ASIC mining manufacturer RockMiner, it aims to provide hashing power with less effort and at cheap prices.

Also, as the company says that it aims to expand further and fulfill the requirements for customers, it has brought in give-a ways for new and existing clients. For instance, it is now releasing 2000 free ZeusHash Gift Bags for new users between October 16th and October 20, i.e. today is the last day for customers.

The announcement from the firm says that the give-away is a live random giveaway on ZeusHash.com with Bitcoin cloud hashing gift bags ranging from 0.5 GH/s to 100 GH/s. According to it social media, enthusiasts who share on Facebook, Twitter, or Google+ will get one more chances to opt in for free hashing power.

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