ZeroBlock Co-Founder Aims for Platform’s Success within 6 Months


ZeroBlock Co-Founder Sure of Their Platform’s Success in Next-6 Months – After two successive acquisitions, is quite sure that its digital currency trading platform will rule the cryptocurrency market in next-six months.

Earlier, the popular Bitcoin website had acquired the widely-used Android app ZeroBlock, which strengthened its presence further in the market. Soon after the acquisition, the website further expanded its reach by integrating the renowned Bitcoin trading platform RTBTC with ZeroBlock, with a hope to bring both its existing customer-base under its one single umbrella.

“I think both the existing users of ZeroBlock and RTBTC were excited to hear about the acquisition,” said ZeroBlock co-founder and director of Bitcoin website to newsBTC. “The new ZeroBlock trading platform is a perfect combination of the two services.”


The integration, as per Held, have resulted into the spike in downloads and signups for the free ZeroBlock app and the trading platform. “In 6 months we will be the preeminent platform to trade cryptocurrency, and alternative crypto assets such as derivatives, stocks, etc.,” he added.

Though the company might face a stiff competition with other players in the market, with Coinsetter and Buttercoin already announcing the launch of a new trading platform to trade cryptocurrencies. Although,’s step to first acquire and then integrate ZeroBlock with RTBTC might give them a leading edge, but that would be marginal, let alone super-ahead.

Just hope they all don’t suffer the Mt. Gox syndrome and stay away from potential troubles.

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