Zebpay Launches Bitcoin India Alliance, Makes Bitcoin Easy in the Country


Zebpay Launches Bitcoin India Alliance, Makes Bitcoin Easy in the Country

As Zebpay, India’s first and world’s simplest mobile Bitcoin Wallet has announced the launch of Bitcoin India Alliance, an alliance of all Bitcoin companies in India, if someone is buying a flat or the ticket of the upcoming Indian Premier League matches, he can pay in Bitcoin. Watching movies and paying restaurant bills in Bitcoin will also be a reality soon.

Nonetheless, Zebpay is in talks with a developer in Ahmadabad who wants to start using Bitcoin for selling of flats, they are also doing a pilot project for a chain of restaurants in Mumbai for use of this currency for transaction. The announcement from the company says that the alliance will work to spread Bitcoin awareness and adoption in India.

At the same time it will also be the body to represent Indian Bitcoin industry to government and other associations. Launched in the last month i.e. February 2015, the Zebpay app has been downloaded almost 2,000 times and of these 1,000 downloads have been done in India followed by US and Philippines.

Though a lot of Bitcoin is traded in the USD, the exchange value of 1 Bitcoin is equal to about Rs 17,000. Talking to media professionals Saurabh Agarwal, Jt. CEO, Zebpay, informed that the app allows buying, selling and transacting in Bitcoin’s easy. According to him his company wants to make transacting in Bitcoin as simple as Whatsapping.

Buy Flats, Cinema Tickets Paying Bitcoin

He says, “We will soon be able to buy IPL tickets using Bitcoin, we have sold Flipkart and Amazon vouchers among others. We have started a pilot with a restaurant chain in Mumbai who want to trade in Bitcoin and we have signed a MoU with an Ahmadabad-based developer who wants to trade flat in lieu of Bitcoin.”

Mr. Agarwal informs that so far the vouchers that Zebpay allows to buy from merchants include Flipkart and Amazon. People interested to attend the Farhan Akhtar Live concert too can now pay Bitcoin. He also highlights that in the pilot project for the restaurant and the developer and others will allow users to directly transact in Bitcoin.

Nonetheless, he also educates the users and says that unlike an exchange where they have to give all their details for transaction it uses their mobile number as authenticator. He informs that the idea is to make transaction in Bitcoin easy so that the company has higher adoption.

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