Zebpay Brings Bitcoin Mobile Wallet for Customers in India


Zebpay Brings Bitcoin Mobile Wallet for Customers in India

Claiming to offer strong and secure Bitcoin wallet, Zebpay has announced that it has now brought in the first Bitcoin mobile wallet for customers in India. The company says that with complete authentication it ensures comprehensive security to Bitcoin. Here the customers’ Bitcoin are linked with their mobile number using industry standard security.

According to a source at Zebpay when the customers are using its Bitcoin wallet they don’t need complex backups of Bitcoin wallet. It also brings ‘Offline Vaults’ which is considered the safest. In fact, the most of the Bitcoin are in an offline vault for the better security. Over the months offline vaults have emerged as the right choice among Bitcoin users.

The company says, “We believe that Bitcoin will transform the way we exchange value. The backend technology powering Bitcoin is now proven over the last few years. However Bitcoin is still waiting for its user interface moment. The moment that regular people will be able to use it for everyday use.”

Though, currently, to buy, send, receive and store Bitcoin is complicated and scary, with Zebpay, it’s as easy as instant messaging. The company says that it is building a product based on the core principles like user privacy, transparency, enhanced security, legal and regulatory compliances, etc. which are integral to the way it works.

According to the press release issued by the organization, the wallet, which is in form of a mobile application, will help its user buy, sell and transact in Bitcoin with ease. Zebpay co-founder Sandeep Goenka said that the Zebpay application is available on Android platform and at Zebpay people can buy, sell and transact in Bitcoin.

Bitcoin is Not a Legal Currency in India

He further added that the company is talking to 15 merchants in India who will accept Bitcoin and their names will be announced next week. According to him the company will launch the iOS version of application within 15 days. This is the first of sort in India which has quite unfavorable environment for Bitcoin considering stiff stand of the government on it.

Talking to media professionals Goenka informed them that only 21 million Bitcoin can be generated globally and they can be traded even in fractions, up to eight decimals. He added that the last Bitcoin will be generated in 2140 but 99 per cent would be already there by 2040.

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