You are a No Better Person than Any Other Drug dealer says the Judge Sentencing Ross Ulbricht for Life


Silk Road Founder Ross Ulbricht Sentenced for Life

The day for judgment came for Ross Ulbricht, the 31-year-old today wherein he has been convicted mastermind behind deep web market Silk Road. Sentencing him for life, the judge said that Ross Ulbricht was no better person than any other drug dealer. The judge also denied his request for a lower security prison, and said if possible he should serve his sentence in Texas, Arizona, or Florida.

All the hopes that Ulbricht and his parents had after he found guilty on all seven charges stemming from the creation and operation of the site, which carried out more than $200 million in illegal transactions, 95 percent of which were drug deals, in February this year, shattered. Though Ulbricht made a final plea for leniency before the judge, nothing seemed to be working.

In addition to facing the life sentence, Ulbricht will be required to pay the government $183,961,921, the equivalent of the drug and fake identification transactions from the site. Bitcoin confiscated from Ulbricht’s laptop at the time of his arrest can be attributed to the fine. The judge did not seem to show any leniency; rather, used strong words against Ulbricht.

Your education doesn’t make you different Said the Judge

The judge not just said Ross Ulbricht was no better person than any other drug dealer but also added that though some view it as moral ambiguity there is no moral ambiguity about it. According to her it’s wrong, that’s a privileged argument as Ulbricht’s education doesn’t make him different, and makes this more inexplicable.

Ulbricht did not receive kind words from the judge as she also didn’t look kindly on the letter Ulbricht wrote asking for leniency in sentencing. In the letter he had tried to frame Silk Road as an “experiment; however, the judge called the letter a display of arrogance that the court takes into consideration. Even the support from friends and family members of Ulbricht who sent hundreds of letters did not work.

Ross’ lawyer is going to appeal it up further. His mother, Lyn Ulbricht, who has been campaigning on his behalf and soliciting funds for his trial said those letters describe “the real Ross,” not the person she feels was demonized by the media and the prosecution in the trial. She showed her unhappiness about the sentencing and called it unfortunate.

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