Yerington City Extends Medical Marijuana Moratorium, Fernley City to Hold Session Tonight


Yerington City Extends Medical Marijuana Moratorium, Fernley City to Hold Session TonightA Nevada city council has extended the moratorium that bars accepting applications for medical marijuana businesses.

The Yerington City Council followed in the footsteps of the city of Fernley by extending the moratorium by another 180 days when it met on June 23, reported the Reno Gazette Journal. A memo written by Yerington city manager Dan Newell read:

“There haven’t been too many entities that seem to want to jump on this at a high rate of speed. The state regulations are still vague, but there has been some progress. I think 180 days might just do the trick.”

In Nevada Legislative session in 2013, the lawmakers passed a bill SB 374 that paves the way for licensing of medical marijuana growing facilities and dispensaries. State agencies were tasked with formulating protocol and regulations.


Yerington’s moratorium, which is listed in City Code 3-12-1 states that “a moratorium is hereby declared on all medical marijuana establishments contemplated by SB 374, prohibiting city acceptance and consideration of any and all medical marijuana establishments, building permit applications, and any other applications or request to operate or otherwise license or permit any of the medical marijuana establishments as contemplated by SB 374.” It also provided that the moratorium be extended by 180 days through a majority council vote.

In the meantime, the Fernley City Council will meet tonight to review the laws touching on medical marijuana establishments. The Council, which has passed 6-month moratoriums twice on reviewing applications for opening medical marijuana facilities, will discuss the issues surrounding medical marijuana business such as potential for growth, dispensing and manufacture in Fernley, zoning, business licensing and other issues that will ensure the drug isn’t misused. To register for a free 2-week subscription to ForexMinute Premium Plan, visit

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