Yacuna Helping Traders, Reduces All Fees and Changes Limits on Trading Platform


Yacuna Helping Traders, Reduces All Fees and Changes Limits on Trading Platform

Yacuna is helping out its customers so that they are able to get better trading experience. In an announcement it says that it will now allow its customers to profit from high volatility and uncertainty in the crypto markets as they won’t need to pay fees. Also, it has changed limits for cryptocurrencies on its trading platform Yacuna.com.

The announcement says that as Yacuna was on the forefront of supporting Bitcoin and other Blockchain technologies, this is just another measure towards the same goal. Also, it introduced multi-signature wallets for its cryptocoins and partnered with an FCA-regulated payment processor to keep customers money safe.

Nonetheless, the company observes that after a yearlong price slump Bitcoin and its cousins currently see a time of extreme volatility – and Yacuna is helping its customers to profit from the same. Also, it has announced that with immediate effect, Yacuna is removing all trading and withdrawal fees wherein 10 trading pairs users have a wide variety of options to choose from.

According to the company source without fees arbitrage trading has never been more profitable. Moreover, as now traders can trade with the help of Yacuna’s partner Cryptowatch that brings plenty of indicators for the technical trader; they are at win-win situation. Also, it has restructured deposit and withdrawal limits for cryptocurrencies.

Thus, now fully verified customers will be able to deposit and trade cryptocurrencies immediately without waiting times. Andrei Martchouk, CEO of Yacuna says, “Increased volatility means increased opportunities. Frequent trading of its customers is where exchanges generate its fees.”

The Decision to Bring in New Traders on the Board

He however, adds, “But the truth is, that the extreme price swings are hindering mainstream adoption of Bitcoin since no one knows what a coin can buy tomorrow. We want to support Blockchain technologies until they dominate the market and do not wish to leech on our customers in the current environment.”

According to Andrei Martchouk that’s why his company has removed all fees from the platform. He says that the decision has been made looking the long term interests. Nonetheless, removing all fees underlines Yacuna’s commitment to the long term advancement of Blockchain technologies.

The company says that it has also brought in changes in the limit structure that is going to allow new customers to immediately profit from this opportunity without cumbersome verification processes.

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