XTB UK Review


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XTB UK Review

[00:11] – Hello and welcome to ForexMinute.com review of XTB UK online trading. This is a forex and CFD broker, and as you can see that the front page is pretty interactive having quite a bit of information on it. The range of market is pretty significant. You can further see there are a couple of different trading possibilities.

For example, if you require mobile trading options, MT4 can be used. You can see that you can empower robots and EAs by using their API (you can trade the trading which is in your mind). Wide range of markets like I said. In forex, as you can see the leverage is 200:1; micro lot trading with over 50 forex pairs. Twenty different indices, which is interesting; as well as commodities, you can see that base metals etc. For example, Aluminum – that’s not something we see very often.

[01:25] – Upon clicking on the spread table here, you can see there are three different types of accounts and it should be noted that there is a minimum deposit amount on any of the account. For example, Float, STP and Fix. You can see that the processing, or PRO, is typically offering the better spreads, like you know, Brazilian stocks for example, something you won’t get on time. There is KOSP of Korea, and etc. You get the US2000 and you know you can get the VOLX, which is based on the VOLX here. That is pretty interesting to see that the broker has the ability to offer you something like this, and that is just in the Indices.

You can check out Commodities, and we pull out Aluminum, you got the boons, Gold, NATGAS, Nickel, a lot of things you don’t get the ability to trade at most of other brokerage firms. It is pretty interesting seriously, like SCHATZZY which is a 2-year node out of Germany, Wheat, Zinc something which we don’t see very often but again the broker gives you the ability to trade in them.

[02:39] – Lastly of course Forex, which is pretty expensive in what it trades too. There is some indices in this list also but as you can see, EURPLN, EURCHF, EURAUD, all over to CHFPLN. There are two more common ones you know, like GBPUSD and EURUSD. The spread again will vary depending upon the account that you opened but really, truly interesting as it gives you too much to trade.

This is one of such situations where you can have a fixed, co commission, or you can be charged commissions per lot because of the type of account. The super tight spreads come with a commission at pretty counterblow, that’s pretty common really. Pro 10 USD a lot really, basic and standard account with a fix 0 USD per lot. That being the case, you know you do have a transfer free delivery fee from the cash account. But you can also deposit with really nothing much, except for the credit/debit fee for which you pay 2% back. That is the charge they face, it is actually fair if you think about it that way.

[04:05] – When you look at the XTB itself, again it offers the Meta Trader 4 and then it does offer some X station which is a web based platform which gives you all abilities, but really for us we believe that one of the most important things is that it is protected by the super reliable British regulatory bodies. It is a London-based firm that is very important because you have to think of it this way. In a world where many brokers are in third world countries, there is indeed a trouble because their legal system isn’t like United Kingdom.

This makes XTB more reputable anyways. So that has been the case, you are protected up to 50,000 pounds, that’s a whopping amount. You can see if you go back to the main page and we have quite a bit of information on it. You can see the spreads; it shows you what spreads are and where they are. Roughly, this is EURUSD, you can change it in months and see what is going on. For the past month, the different types of peaks, and stuffs. So there is lot here to be said really. You can do deposits via VISA, MasterCard, PayPal, Union Pay, etc. and how it is resolved, it is easy to get your account up and started.

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