XC Enters the Top Ten Cryptocurrencies List


XC Enters the Top Ten Cryptocurrencies List

ForexMinute.com – Within just weeks of its launch, XC entered the prestigious list of top ten cryptocurrencies by market cap. In last the 24 hours, the coin’s price rocketed around 20%, the reason of which is hanging between a possible pump and the range of promising security features it is offering over other coins.

XC is taking care of the limitations associated with other coins. At one point, we have Bitcoin whose transactions are recorded in public (on a blockchain); thus making it impossible for a company to implement privacy on their expenditures. At another point, we have multiple other coins, including Darkcoin and Vertcoin, which are promising to offer anonymous and secure transaction features to their users. For obvious reasons, XC shares certain similarities with aforementioned coins, but the coin’s context of implementing privacy features is surely wider than others.


The XC press release reads:

“The quest for “anonymity” has taken centre stage of late in altcoin design and at present several technologies aim to achieve it. However anonymity is a formidable technical challenge, and to date proposed solutions have either caused unworkable blockchain bloat, unwieldy transaction times, or have encountered unexpected forking problems.”

Through these lines, the XC team indirectly targets the recent failed implementations of masternode payment on Darkcoin. The intentional mock however doesn’t stay long when the coin pronounces its features to be an utmost solution to the aforementioned problems. In a four-point description of its qualities, XC promises to offer much more than its competitors. The highlights of this description include end-to-end encryption, P2P anonymous transactions, record elimination, node communications via TOR, and dozen other features.

However, these features are under testing as well, likewise those of Darkcoin and Vertcoin. But the hype they created is surely helping XC to grab some eyeballs in the market; justifying its entry into the list of the top wealthiest market caps as well.

Too soon to predict where XC goes after this; but the coin certainly has raised enough expectations. Investors having crush on anonymity offering coins are hopeful to capitalize XC in future, in case Darkcoin continues to be on the untrustworthy note. Meanwhile, let’s just expect.

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