Xapo Partners with Taringa, Announces the Largest Bitcoin Integration on any Platform


Xapo Partners with Taringa, Announces the Largest Bitcoin Integration on any Platform

Xapo has announced that it is partnering with social media powerhouse Taringa. It is definitely one of the biggest news for the history of Bitcoin as Argentinean social network platform Taringa will tip its content creators in Bitcoin after partnering with wallet and custodial service provider Xapo.

Nonetheless, the free social network, which boasts 75 million monthly users, is the largest social network created in Latin America, with over 75 million users. The press release from Xapo says that by introducing Bitcoin to Taringa’s platform, top content creators can now earn Bitcoin through Taringa’s Revenue Sharing Program.

The Revenue Sharing Program from Taringa rewards users who bring quality content to social media platform. Xapo says that in addition to the Revenue Sharing Program, Taringa’s entire user base will be given bits each day to share and earn, adding value to Taringa’s existing reputation system, and further supporting content creators.

Moreover, as the platform is supported by simple one-click integration with Xapo’s secure Bitcoin wallet, the users won’t face much trouble. The announcement says with 300,000 Taringa users already giving around a million points each day on the network, the partnership has the potential to quadruple the current number of Bitcoin transactions worldwide.

Xapo claims that using Bitcoin to power digital currency on Taringa’s platform will have a huge impact on its user base that despite having access to smart phones and internet are largely under-banked. Bitcoin has long been considered an apt solution for those who are still away from the reach of the traditional banking services.

Content Creators can now make Money

According to the announcement the partnership of Xapo with Taringa is also an opportunity to introduce millions of people across the globe to the benefits of Bitcoin. For instance, with the partnership the people would get free cross-border transfers, micropayments/social tipping, and many more services in future.

Nonetheless, Xapo’s partnership with Taringa implements the largest Bitcoin integration the community has yet to see and is a historic moment for both Bitcoin and social media. Like the people at Xapo, people at Taringa also showed their happiness about the partnership.

Hernán Botbol, Taringa’s co-founder, said that by partnering with Xapo, they have found an excellent revenue share model to incentivize the content creators. He also added it will be encouraging people to join the program whilst stimulating mainstream adoption of Bitcoin.

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