Xapo Announces the First Ever Bitcoin Debit Card

Xapo Announces the First Ever Bitcoin Debit Card
Xapo Announces the First Ever Bitcoin Debit Card

Xapo Announces the First Ever Bitcoin Debit Card

In its announcement Xapo said, “Your Xapo Debit Card automatically links to your Xapo Wallet and allows you to pay for everyday expenses, products and services directly from your card.” This is just beginning of new era in Bitcoin which is all set to become the future of digital money despite all troubles in front of it.

The one problem that customers often face is when want to buy anything they need to scan a QR code with their phone or email a long Bitcoin address to the seller that accepts Bitcoin. However, there won’t be any such problem now as Xapo has brought in debit card which will act similar to the ones issued by Visa or MasterCard.

The company says that customers now have one card that they can use everywhere without restrictions. Xapo offers online Bitcoin wallets as well and says that it provides safe and secure storage facility for Bitcoin owners. The company in its announcement says that Bitcoin debit card is just two months away.

Xapo believes that in two months it will be able to introduce the first debit card that will let customers spend their digital currency at any place that takes Visa or MasterCard. A lot of feedback has been received by the company from the users who believe that it is an indication that Bitcoin is going up and becoming popular thanks to such technologies.


Just A Couple of Months to Wait for First Ever Bitcoin Debit Cards

A major belief that Bitcoin may have to face problems when it becomes a mainstream currency seems illogical as the way it is being transformed from an alien currency to a payment method that can ease customers and sellers is phenomenal. Now Bitcoin is slowly integrating with the mainstream financial services industry.

Xapo says that it has made it simple for customers to use Bitcoin at millions of businesses around the world. Now customers whether online or offline, it’s convenient for them and easy for merchants as well to accept Bitcoin. The company is the first that links online Bitcoin wallet to a card, and–backed by $20 million in VC funding–it’s on far firmer footing.

Thus, it looks Xapo is here for long haul and unlike others who have not been trusted by Bitcoin investors and customers; it has gained a lot of popularity recently. Just some steps away from becoming a debit card issuer on one of the major credit card networks; this company is expected to transform the way Bitcoin is being perceived.

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