Wolfreign Motors Now Accepts Bitcoin

Wolfreign Motors Now Accepts Bitcoin
Wolfreign Motors Now Accepts Bitcoin

Wolfreign Motors Now Accepts Bitcoin

Wolfreign Motors, a small independent dealership established by two local motorsports enthusiasts born and raised in the Bay Area, is now accepting Bitcoin. The digital currency has been a hit among automotive and motorsport companies which have been keeping their eye on it as a new payment method and a great way of promoting their businesses.

As Bitcoin is expanding and reaching to new sectors and businesses, Wolfreign Motors could not hold it further. According to Alexander Tarradelles-Newell he first learned about Bitcoin from a client who was very good with computers. According to him the customer bought his first motorcycle from the company and was so pleased with the transaction.

He says that the said customer then decided to gift the company half a Bitcoin; its value then was around $100. According to Alexander Tarradelles-Newell the customer also taught him about Bitcoin, and even helped the company market itself as recipients of the coin and since then a lot of change has taken place in the mindset of the company.

Alexander Tarradelles-Newell believes in Bitcoin and digital currency because it has the potential to enrich the lives, and to make international exchange more user-friendly than ever. He says that now Bitcoin could be used to purchase a car or even luxury yacht and he feels happy to inform customers that they can now buy performance bikes with Bitcoin.


As the Company Wishes to Export-Import New Machines It will lower the Transaction Fees

Nonetheless, a small paradise for motorsport fans, Wolfreign Motors is now accepting Bitcoin in the United States, and that is something that Bitcoin as well as motorsports enthusiasts are welcoming. The company says that its big plan for the future is to import and export sought after performance machines all throughout the world.

The company is also willing to utilize Bitcoin as a means of enabling painless international transactions. Currently, if the company goes to for buying or selling productions from around the world, it needs to pay hefty transaction fees which in turn make the products expensive for customers and that is what it does not want.

According to the company it inspects the vehicles beforehand, and prepares them for delivery at no additional cost. Currently, it also charges a basic 7% brokering fee. Now, however, with Bitcoin, customers even if they are located in another country but have their heart set on an American machine, can buy them paying in Bitcoin at Wolfreign Motors.

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