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Winner Option Review

[00:11] – Hello and welcome to’s review of Winner Option – a CYSEC regulated binary option broker in Europe (as you can see there going by on the page). You can also see that they allow you to trade Bitcoin so that is something that holds some interest for you. It is something that you see a bit more these days. Also 60 Seconds Trade, which is something that is becoming more and more popular with binary brokers as well.

Pretty intuitive and simple platform; you can pick your asset, say FTSE for example, you then want to invest, you know, $100; then you decide you want to maybe go up as oppose to down (this is a simple up or down kind of situation); 80% payout and with that you have the payout $180 obviously on a $100 trade.

[01:16] – Trading wise, we do have here the currency, commodities, indices and stocks; and you can further look into them clicking on “Read more” here. For example, upon clicking on the “Stocks”, it tells you what an asset is. You can also look into commodity and see there an asset index that shows you an asset index. And if you want to see the complete list, you can click on it and it will tell you everything you want to trade; like you can trade Sugar, Strait Times (which of course is an Asian index which we don’t normally see a whole lot of).

The EUR/RUB, for example, is something that is a little bit different. BHP you got, NIFTY, NIKKEI; for example you have got Barclays, Disney obviously. Stocks: The Jakarta Stock Exchange. So, quite a varied list of offerings, pretty impressive Platinum, you know in the commodity side. Of course you know you have got a lot of currencies as well. There is this USD/SGD, USD/CAD, and on and on. So, certainly plenty of trading opportunities are here indeed.
[02:55] – The market, as you the markets I should say are all interconnected these days. So if something is going on, for example in Gold, you can trade Gold/AUD or you can look into perhaps BHP because they are minor. So that been said, a lot of trading opportunities and that is one of the huge advantages to trade with a broker like Winter Option because it gives you the ability to take advantage of so many different things.

We have an Education Centre here, where you can look at binary trading options strategies – basic stuff like that. You have the deposits and withdrawals. You can see there are over 40 methods, plenty of ways to deposit. Minimum deposit is 100 USD, 100 EUR, 100 GBP depending on which currency you chose to fund your account with.
[04:09] – Going forward, you have to ask about, you know, Education Centre; there is an FAQ that you would start at. For example, you have a question here that asks if we need additional software for trading, or can you begin trading if you don’t have experience yet. It’s a durable and simple, because it is such a simple and intuitive platform but they also have plenty of education tools and things like that.

[04:44] – So in other things you have got trading videos – Intro videos, In-depth course, advanced course, etc. There is also a trading eBook. There is a lot you can do at Winner Option just in further to educate yourself.
Bonus Terms: It just depends 100% bonus at the moment on the deposit that will change at the discretion of the broker obviously, so make sure you look at that. If you are watching this video and deciding to give them a dry, I must say they have lots of different things you can do, trading wise especially. And it gives you a nice spread out, look at the world’s financial markets; it therefore gives you the ability to take advantage of pretty much any correlation you can think of.

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