Win Big at’s Bitcoin Casino Tournaments


Dragons.Tl Ensures Fair Gaming Practices — Renowned MMORP casino offers players a special feature to create in-game tournaments.

The casino, backed by the team which created “A Tale in the Desert”, focuses hugely on engaging users with an interactive and entertaining casino platform. Its ability to enable players create their own tournaments somewhat signifies the same. However, players who have crossed Level 10 will be allowed to create tournaments.

“Experienced players and Developers will often create Tournaments in Dragon’s Tale,” an excerpt from the company’s wiki stated. “Tournaments add a structured prize pool to games, beyond what participating players might win through normal gambling.”

“Many Tournaments are free to enter and limit bets to very small amounts, effectively making them Freerolls (giveaways.) Some Freerolls are just for residents of a particular Governed Island, or by invitation only, but most are open to all. Mule, or Alt characters are frequently prohibited from participating in Tournaments, though that is up to the Organize.”

Apart from experienced players, governors and developers are also allowed to launch tournaments. Some tournaments usually have an entry free. Meanwhile, they are available for each and every player that has passed Level 1.

With the aforementioned announcement, has once again proved why it is one of the most innovative and interactive Bitcoin casino platforms. It surely doesn’t bring the done-to-death crap and card tables, but instead offers a persistent 3D world filled with original games made to attract casino and MMORPG players alike.

Games and tournaments at can be as simple as a slot machine but, at the same time, can require players to apply skills as well. It certainly makes one of the most interesting gaming platforms to play bets on.

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