Why Zerez Holdings Inc (OTCMKTS:ZRZH) Shares Are In for Strong Gains


Zerez Holdings Inc (OTCMKTS:ZRZH) shares advanced 18.18% to $0.0449 on Tuesday and were unchanged in after-hours trading. Share prices have been trading in a 52-week range of $0.00 to $0.06.

Yesterday, Zerez Holdings Inc shared that its subsidiary Next Generation Farming Inc, has signed its Co-Marketing partner Sweet Leaf Hydroponics to a wholesale purchase contract for a minimum of $1M of NextGen’s “SMART by Design™” line of advanced and automated greenhouse systems. Sweet Leaf has also ordered 2 30ft. x 24ft. production models to be built as walk thru demonstration facilities at each of their sales locations.

“In the world of cut-throat manufacturers, it’s great to have such a strong relationship with Zerez and NextGen. We are pleased that they considered our input into their new product designs and packages and we are confident that we can easily re-sell a million dollars of their products by the end of the year.”  said Jay DeSalvatore, President of Sweet Leaf Hydroponics, “Our companies are in complete alignment that we must show the product, so I insisted on buying two full featured smaller size demonstration units that NextGen will help us construct at our store locations so we can actively demonstrate state of the art walk thru facilities, which of course results in sales.”

“Our team has worked hard to create packages that offer commercial grade cultivation capabilities at attractive price points. We believe the product line we are about to launch will be superior in value and quality to any other product on the market today and will quickly become a preferred industry choice for serious organic food and cannabis cultivators,” remarked Zerez Holdings Inc President John Taylor.

At the start of the year, Zerez Holdings Inc already obtained a purchase contract and 50% down payment for the sale of another advanced turnkey greenhouse system to a new Northern California Cannabis cultivation client. This was immediately followed by a repeat order in the middle of January, which consists of the NGF-1 model 30ft x 96ft greenhouse system, including automation options, installation services, and radiant flooring upgrades.

“We were so pleased with our decision to place the first order that we accelerated our business plans and decided to purchase a second greenhouse system now. We are convinced that John and his team will be able to simultaneously construct both greenhouse systems on our spring deadline, thus giving us double the business capacity,” said the president of this client company.

“When a client comes back and orders from you again that is our definition of consumer confidence. We are very pleased that the trust, confidence and great working relationship with our customer has resulted in a second order in less than 10 days,” shared Taylor.

Zerez Holdings Inc is a public equity corporation focused on the advanced agriculture and cannabis industries with plans to grow through acquisition, strategic alliances, and proprietary intellectual property. Its wholly owned subsidiary Next Generation Farming provides turnkey commercial greenhouse and automation systems that improve yields and decrease water consumption for cultivators of organic food and cannabis crops.