Why is Peercoin Lacking Meat?


Why is Peercoin Lacking Meat?

ForexMinute.com – Since its launch, Peercoin has achieved innumerable praises for being a user-centric coin. Its original and noteworthy innovations have always been praised by people – both inside and outside the community. None the least, Peercoin is among the only few cryptocurrencies that has implemented a hybrid PoW-PoS mechanism to ensure fair coin distribution and energy efficiency.

But even when equipped with such wonderful features, Peercoin is behind its competitors in every sense, whether it’s in terms of the market cap, a strong community or high rate of adaption. Followers believe that it is due to PPC’s lack of marketing. “Only a small number of people understand and believe in Peercoin,” says one of its users. “I believe PPC is a great coin. We need to find out the reason behind PPC’s low adaption.”

The influence of other cryptocurrencies are also affecting the Peercoin’s market position. At one hand we have Darkcoin which has lured a larger number of people due to its anonymity services, and on other we have Nxt, which has its own original source code and offers multiple features such as asset exchange, multigateway, DNS, arbitrary messaging, account leasing, etc.


However, it doesn’t mean Peercoin is staying away from development projects. The coin’s development team has previously announced multiple projects such as Peershares, Peerbox, NuBits, etc. The only troubling part here is the lack of marketing, due to which newbies in cryptocurrency market tend to trust any run-of-the-mill coin over Peercoin.

The time in the end is to wait for PoW to phase out. Following it, the coins will be spreading across innumerable wallets which will eventually secure the Peer-network. One of the Peercoin followers add: “It is the slow approach, but like fine wine some things cannot be hastened. Other PoS may come and go, but (fair) distribution is the key.”

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