Why Dragons.tl Treats Bitcoin as Its Primary Funding Method


Forex traders are getting increasingly involved in Bitcoin trading as well. Bitcoin, given its volatility and its position as an alternate form of currency that can be exchanged against any currency has made it one of the best performing assets for traders. The potential offered by Bitcoin is also recognized by many forex trading platforms. Almost all forex trading platforms these days have Bitcoin trading as an option.

One of the reason for Bitcoin to become so popular among both forex traders and gamblers is its universal nature. Unlike fiat currency one doesn’t have to worry about forex charges applicable on foreign transactions or the legality of the legality of gambling in the region of residence of a gambler. Similarly, for those who are interested in trading, do not have to rely upon a limited number of forex trading platform. The can now trade on any forex platform across the world as depositing funds to account also becomes easier with bitcoin.

There was an overview of two entirely different kind of platforms whose users exhibit certain similar tendencies. Forex trading has been popularly associated with gambling, even though both are entirely different. Even though both forex trading and gambling carries risks, a forex trader takes calculated risk and he clearly knows that there is a certain percentage of risk associated with each investment of his. However, an average gambler usually fuels his addiction by gambling with the hopes of winning a high score, some of them succeed too. But the mindset of both the groups are entirely different. Objective however are the same. Double the money or at least make profits during the attempts.

How will it be if someone with a trader’s acumen were to try out gambling? A trader may probably perform better than a novice or even a seasoned gambler mainly due to his calculated risk taking abilities and by knowing how much to bet where in order to maximize the chances of winning. If you are a trader and you are interested in trying your hand in bitcoin gambling after reading this article, we can suggest one such platform for you where gambling with bitcoin can be fun and not feel monotonous.

Presenting Dragon’s Tale – a bitcoin gambling massive multiplayer online role playing game by eGenesis. The game doesn’t require specialized hardware to run it. You can in fact install the game on low powered work computer and still not feel the difference. Dragon’s Tale is set in China where you can meet hundreds of fellow gamers, all looking to solve puzzles, place bets on various mini-games while searching for hidden treasures. How good are you at calculating the odds of winning any particular game? If you are really good at it, maybe, you will walk out richer than you expected.

If you want to know about the mini-games you will encounter on the platform or if you want to get a better understanding of the platform before joining, you can find all the required information on Dragon’s Tale wiki page. The Dragon’s Tale wiki page has all the information about games, how to play, payouts and more.

If you did play the game, please let us know about your experience and how you found the game.

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