When plants literally yield Bitcoin rewards


Who hasn’t heard of the phrase that money doesn’t grow on plants? Well disapproving the said conventional wisdom is Dragons.tl.

The famous Bitcoin-based MMORPG casino platform, places players in a virtual island which is filled with hidden treasures. In this virtual island, one can opt in for berry farming.


Berry Farming is a distinctive game in the virtual casino worlds as it offers a potential to win a large “portion of your initial Bitcoin wager over and over without having to bet again.”
 As the name suggests, it is a game about berries, where what each berry will pay can be found out by clicking on the avatar and can be used accordingly to bet and earn.

The plants grow rapidly in this game. Within seconds the plant will sprout and pop up, growing up and further yielding either a berry or a seed(s) in no time.

The berries are to be collected and you’ll be paid whatever they are worth. Another unique feature of the game is that if you have received a seed instead of the berry, you can re-plant the seed to win more after the seed matures this time and yields a berry or even seeds.

Once the plant is harvested, it can indefinitely keep on yielding profits based on the number of times it has already given berries. For example, if the plant has already given berries once then the second time it will give out 4 instead of 1, third time it will give out 9 and so on. This potential of the game for winning over and over again by placing the bets just once helps Dragons.tl to stand out from the crowd.

This is a fun game as most of the people enjoy virtual farming. The potential of the game to earn multifold by reducing the risk of plants that don’t pay or pay little is what makes the game unique. Dragons.tl has much more to offer in terms of games and the chance to win big. To know more about it, do go through this link.

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