What Vertcoin Can Learn from Darkcoin?


What Vertcoin Can Learn from Darkcoin?

ForexMinute.com – The decentralized cryptocurrency economy is indeed based on trust. With no specific organization backing the in-and-outflow of these coins, the chances of fraudulency becomes more inevitable. We have seen many government authorities issuing warning against these coins in past just for similar reasons. What matters in the end is transparency, based on which investors choose their best cryptocurrency out of the lot of over three hundred (and rising).

Vertcoin is also among such coins which was launched with a promise to offer its followers with features like strong decentralization, anti ASIC, and none the least, highly secured. What further engrossed people was one innovative feature that was marketed as an evolution of Litecoin. According to multiple conversations, this feature used an Adaptive N factor to pre-calculate the memory required to compute the hashing functions.


Despite such an impeccable description, the Vertcoin followers at present are feeling left out in dark, because the one thing Vertcoin missed to offer them was transparency. As per the ongoing debates on Vertcoin official Reddit page, the whole community is furious over the coin’s falling value from past days. And it is not just the value that is the cause of their anger, but it is the non-responsive nature of the Vertcoin team.

Any administrator of such official page remains quick in answering queries of its users, but Vertcoin might be the only case where customers are literally begging for some communication. On the other side, the Vertcoin team has turned deaf to their problems.

As also discussed by fellow news website CryptoCoinsNews.COM, this matter is serious for the overall integrity of cryptocurrency market, which is already under heavy criticism by multiple governments and regulatory bodies. Vertcoin has thus turned out to be a black sheep of this clan. The last known updated from their end was them working on some private addresses for a brand new wallet. At present, the Vertcoin value has seen a 15% drop in recent days, leading customers to state of havoc. But not even a dog has barked from their end to explain the matter.

The developers have indeed cut of all kind of communications with their own community.

If anyone from the Vertcoin team of developers is reading this, we would like you guys to learn from another emerging cryptocurrency Darkcoin whose team has always ensured to inform its followers with even a miniscule update. Their team has always taken a front seat in order to answer back its investors and users, whether it is for their recently failed hardforks, or the plans to solve them.

There is of course other coins like Litecoin and Dogecoin whose representatives are always connected with users to maintain the integrity of themselves and the entire cryptocurrency community. It is time Vertcoin does the same.

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