What I learned from Trading Binary Options with Binary Uno?


Binary Options, unlike regular trading has two simple options for making a trade, “Call” or “Put”. The “Call Option predicts whether the price of the asset will rise and the “Put” option predicts that the asset will fall. To understand more about Binary Options and how they work, I chose Binary Uno, a reputable online trading platform with a large global presence.

Take a look below at Binary Uno’s platform:


How to turn your money into profit?

Making an account is easy, simply go to the Binary Uno website to open up an account and login. Binary Uno is 100% free and easily accessible from the web or any mobile device. Whether you are an experienced trader or it’s your first time trading, Binary Uno provides for you all the resources you need to become a skilled trader. Additionally, the customer support is readily available to assist you in the entire process.

After you have opened an account, you will need to select which type of asset to trade from (Indices, Forex, Commodities or Stocks). I choose to use pairs of commodities currency EUR/USD. You can of course choose from any other pair of commodities for example, EUR/CAD or EUR/GBP.


My winning trade

After making a thorough analysis of the market, I went with the “Call” option for EUR/USD and invested $500.


After my trade has been approved, as you can see in the photo, I started at 11:30 GMT and I had to wait until the expiry time indicated – 11:40 GMT.


The result? Well, take a look at it yourself. I invested $500 and after ten minutes, I won $885 (that’s 77% of the money I invested).


Binary Uno was simple and easy-to-use, the entire experience was extremely pleasant. The user-friendly trading environment made me feel like nothing can go wrong, even if I was completely aware that there were chances to lose. With Binary Uno you don’t have to worry, you just have to dare to win.

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