The Western Union-Bitcoin Lol Moment

291 – The campaigning wars sometimes get a little dirty. A decade ago, Pepsi Co. and the Coca Cola Company were seen making fun of each other in the name of creative marketing. While that was about ‘Cola Wars’, the paradigm today has shifted to ‘Money Wars’, with Western Union and Bitcoin taking the lead against each other.

The story starts with a Western Union’s holiday campaign that was currently being advertised on multiple social media platforms. In it was described an offer using which users could send up to $50 anywhere in the US by paying only a $5 transaction fee. On the poster’s foot was a tagline that said, “Moving money for better”.

A Redditor with a strange sense of humor posted an altered version of the Western Union ad, which facetiously compared the company’s “special” offer with Bitcoin’s usual services.

The Western Union-Bitcoin Lol Moment

Fearing negative publicity, Western Union reportedly contacted Facebook to remove the image. The website, in turn, removed the troll and sent the confirmation to its original uploader. The Redditor took a snapshot of the image and posted it online, calling Western Union’s reaction a “Streisand Effect”.

The leftist approach of the anonymous Bitcoin supporter has indeed left Western Union furious. Ironically, the company’s CEO Hikmet Ersek said in June that they would want to integrate Bitcoin only when it will regulated like a currency. Bitcoin, meanwhile, rose to fame on its own by offering people a secure and cheap way to transfer money.

The advertising blunder, however immature it seems, hits the right note at some point.

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