West Hartford Won’t Ban Medical Marijuana, Desert Hot Springs to Allow Dispensaries


West Hartford Won’t Ban Medical Marijuana, Desert Hot Springs to Allow DispensariesWest Hartford town council Republicans failed to convince the Democrats, who constitute the majority, to consider banning medical marijuana during a meeting that ended in early hours of Wednesday.

However, the Democrats made an amendment on medical marijuana law to locate dispensaries or production facilities in the industrial part of the town. The amended law, which was crafted by Democrat Leon Davidoff, was approved 6-3 and ensures that a 200ft buffer zone will be created between residential zones, parks, worship places and schools.

West Hartford’s council approved a moratorium on medical marijuana use in October in order to study how other towns reacted to the state’s legalization of the drug by chronically-ill patients.


Republicans pushed for a ban on medical cannabis, with Republicans Burke Doar and Chris Barnes announced that they advocated for a prohibition since the drug is viewed as illegal under federal law. Another Republican Denise Hall claimed the drug would promote the use of heroin and attract robbers, reported Hartford Courant.

A Democrat Harry Captain opposed the ban saying that the U.S. Department of Justice said it wouldn’t charge medical marijuana providers or patients in states that have legalized the drug, and that the Republican-majority House of Representatives has passed a similar law that is awaiting Senate approval.

In another report, leaders of Desert Hot Springs city in California backed a proposal to have medical marijuana dispensaries in order to increase its tax collection base.

“We’re obviously moving as quick as we can because we see dispensaries as a revenue source,” said Councilman Joe McKee. “With residents going to other cities for medical marijuana, it makes sense for us to move on it.”

The debate comes just after the Cathedral City council reviews a similar proposal. So far, Palm Springs is the only Riverside County city to permit and tax dispensaries. To register for a free 2-week subscription to ForexMinute Premium Plan, visit www.forexminute.com/newsletter.

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