Webmaster Tools

Enhance your website with our attractive and efficient financial webmaster tools. We, at ForexMinute.com, offer an advantageous range of Forex tools which help your websites engage the audience and influence their perspective towards your Forex services. Our tools offer great marketing affiliations, in case your Forex website requires a dynamic interface, rather than the usual texts and links, to hold on to its visitors.

Here are some of the widely appreciated forex webmaster tools.

Economic Calendar: To keep your visitors updated with the most significant economic events. Enrich your site by adding this calendar.

Online Currency Converter: Converts one currency into another using real time market rates on the market dashboard.

Real Time Forex Quotes: Provides current Forex quotes.

Exchange Rates: Compares the leading currencies in the Forex market.

Profit & Loss Calculator: Calculate the profit or loss of your trades designed for use with the major pairs and crosses.

Pivot Point Calculator: Calculate your currencies’ value per pip for the major currency pairs.

Fibonacci Calculator: Produce Fibonacci retracement and extension values in bullish and bearish trends.

ForexMinute News & Blog Widget: For the most up-to-date news feeds to stay ahead of the latest developments as they come out of the wires.

City Times Ticker: To view the Forex trading hours in each major city.