Waveform Technology Upgrades Data Center in Troy, Adds One Megawatt


Waveform Technology Upgrades Data Center in Troy, Adds One Megawatt

In a press release, Waveform Technology LLC, one of Michigan’s leading data center and Internet bandwidth providers, has announced that it has completed one megawatts of electrical infrastructure upgrade. With it, the company aims to support the growing Bitcoin mining segment. This addition will make Waveform the largest Bitcoin friendly data center operator in Michigan.

The announcement also claims that this newly completed infrastructure upgrade coincides with an immediately available allocation of 40,000 square feet of data center floor space specifically allocated for Bitcoin mining equipment. Currently, this facility has 2 separate electrical connections to electrical utility, serviced by 2 separate electrical substations with a total of 4MW to the building.

Thus, the company has tried to balance infrastructure not just for the requirement of power for Bitcoin mining but the space as well. Now, Bitcoin miners which are specially designed computer servers that ‘mine’ Bitcoins by solving complex mathematical problems have been expanded to maximum. With higher power supply, the company has made sure it catches pace.

The company says that the servers present an unprecedented challenge to both electrical and cooling subsystems within a data center facility; however, with the upgrading of the infrastructure, the Bitcoin mining will catch pace and go without interruptions.

Not Just Infrastructure Upgrading but Performance Enhancement Practice

Rich Tota, director of sales at the company said that this upgrade leverages Waveform Technology’s 14 year experience providing Data Center collocation and according to him hosting Bitcoin servers is a natural extension to a business the company has been proficient in for over a decade and more.

He added that his company believes that track-record of technical expertise and reliability will provide a better alternative to many of the unproven data center startups entering this arena. According to him since many of the staff members at the company have been Bitcoin enthusiasts, so this was an easy transition into a new service offering.

Bitcoin mining is catching pace; particularly, industrial level mining is becoming attractive option for many companies as a lot of issues are being faced by individual miners. Like they are facing lower margin compared to the extensive Bitcoin mining being done by the companies in large scale.

Waveform Technology, a privately held, facilities-based Internet Service Provider and Data Center Operator based in Troy, Michigan say that with the latest decision is setting its infrastructure to the next level.

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