Washington Family Risks Jail-Time over Growing their Own Medical Marijuana


Washington Family Risks Jail-Time over Growing their Own Medical MarijuanaMost patients in states that have legalized medical marijuana are finding it easier to manage their health conditions, though one man in Washington isn’t so lucky.

Larry Harvey, a 70-year old patient who used to take marijuana-laced cookies to relieve his knee pain and gout, is facing felony charges that may land him, his three relatives and a family friend for at least 10 years in prison after authorities raided their Keattle Falls, WA, property and found 70 marijuana plants. Harvey, a retired commercial fisherman and trucker, had 44 of them and had no previous criminal history, reported the Idaho Statesman.

With his trial about to begin this Monday in Spokane, WA, Harvey says he feels that the conviction is like a death sentence to him.


“That would be a life sentence for me,” Harvey told reporters in Capitol Hill. “You might as well take me out and execute me. … The federal government is going to try to put me in prison for growing my own medicine.”

Part of the reason the sentence is this long is due to the fact that guns were also found in the property. However, Harvey and his relatives argue that they were for protection and hunting. Prosecutors are hearing none of that; they insist two guns were tucked in the same place as a tub of pot.

Advocates of medical marijuana are hoping to use Harvey’s case to galvanize lawmakers to look into glaring discrepancies in the law and make the drug accessible for over 1 million Americans who nee d it. To register for a free 2-week subscription to ForexMinute Premium Plan, visit www.forexminute.com/newsletter.

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