Wall Street Plunges over Ukraine Crisis

Top Economic Reports to Watch Out For Today (Mar 26, 2014)

Wall Street Plunges over Ukraine Crisis

The economic data from the European market disappointed the investors where the manufacturing sector slowed down in the past month, hence leading to a bearish movement on Wall Street just at the start of the trading session today on Monday.

Moreover, the crisis in Ukraine is not calming down as yet over Crimea where tensions are inflating between the Russian and Ukrainian governments. All this is resulting in lowering the investor confidence in the stock markets, where a sharp image is being depicted on Wall Street that might as well be followed by the Asian markets tomorrow.

Apple Striving Forward

Apple’s stock price gained nearly 1.1% today where the main cause behind this boost in the stock price is the speculative collaboration with the Comcast Corp. over live streaming and on-demand television. The iPhone maker has held talks with the largest cable operator of the US – Comcast Corp – where analysts are expecting a positive outcome in result to these talks very soon.


Carl Icahn in News Again

Carl Icahn, once again is in the news when it comes to shooting up of stock prices. Carl Icahn, who is known for his wealth and huge investment portfolio in several companies, had suggested Herbalife Ltd to nominate three people for the board of directors of the company. And luckily for both, the company has agreed on his suggestion, after which the share price of the firm soared as much as 6.7% as the investors took this decision as a positive one.

S&P Retraces

The S&P 500 index has been trading in a very strong area where it faced strong resistance at the 1880 level, after which it dropped down but this move could also be a bearish retracement on the Fibonacci scale. However, the leaders of the US, China, Japan, and the EU would meet up today in order to look into this Russia-Ukraine dispute and figure out some solution to make things calm in the region.

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