Visual Chart Review

Visual Chart Review

Visual Chart provides global investors and traders with real time data feeds and leading edge trading software. By using this software you can easily trade and manage your investments securely. You may use the special features to enter your desired market when it is good for you. This company has been around for over 10 years, which may explain why it is a market leader.

Company Information

Visual Chart
Founded in:
Almeria, Spain
The Owner:
+44 207 153 8939
Languages available:
English, Italian, French, German, Spanish

Free Trial

Brief Overview

Free Trial for 3 Days

The free 3 day trial allows you to benefit from the Visual Chart service for 3 days. Therefore, you have many benefits and no risks whatsoever. Upon filling in the application for this free trial, you will receive a username and password directly to your mobile phone free of charge. Additionally, both your username and password will be valid for the complimentary End of Day Service.

Free Software Downloads

You may download the Visual Chart software for free, enabling you to see which of these is most suitable for your financial investments. The software available for downloads is the Visual Chart V, Visual Chart Java Edition and Visual Chart Pocket Edition. The choice is yours, depending on which trading software best suits your trading requirements.
End of Day Free Service

Download your Visual chart V software and take advantage of the main platform features for free after the end of the trading session. This feature is popular among novice and advanced traders who want to understand the markets more deeply once the financial markets are closed. Free features include visual charts, historical data and the ability to create workspaces.

Order Products Now

You can become a Visual Chart customer and enjoy the best software and pricing services from just €25 a month. You have a great choice of platforms with this software provider, showing just how much spoilt for choice you are. If this sounds good to you, then you will need to pay a visit to the Visual Chart website today.

Special Offers

The Visual Chart website states that their clients are Gold & Platinum. There are special rates and packages which are customized to the Gold & Platinum clients. You should check this out to take advantage of these unique deals.

Trading Platform

Visual Chart offers traders 3 special trading platforms: Visual Chart V, Visual Chart Java Edition and Visual Chart Pocket Edition. This enables private investors to identify the latest market opportunities and earn the maximum profit. Therefore, you can now manage the way you invest much easier than ever before.
The Visual Chart V has been designed to make traders’ investments simple and secure 100% of the time. Now you have the tools to enter the market as soon as an opportunity arises. There are many features which you can utilize: Market Monitor, Trading, Portfolio, Real Time & Historical Data, iLive, Trading strategies, System Optimization, System statistics, Programming strategies, Trading Tools, Community, Advanced chart builder, Technical and chartists analysis, DOM and Quote’ list.
The Visual Chart Java Edition gives you all the features of the regular platform plus many additional benefits. These include no software download necessary, allowing you to trade from any computer you want. You may save workspaces and work in a multi window environment. There is an order manager, price analysis and several types of chart interfaces.
The Visual Chart Pocket Station has the same tools as the Visual Chart V and many other features which you can use to your advantage. You may trade from your desired location. Receive market information in real time or 15 minutes delay, technical analysis and other important trading tools.

Main Features

There are many vital features which Visual Chart offers its clients. The Workspaces New Organization enables you to have an unlimited number of pages on the Workspace. The Buy-Sell signs channels are brought to you by the leading market analysts. You may want to have a look at the Support Training Material to enhance your split second decisions while trading on the markets. Other features you will find of great use are the Community, New Direct Access, More Intuitive interface, Portfolio Manager, Market Monitor, Real Time and Historic Data and Visual Chart Help online.
The Programing Strategies allows you to install a strategy from the website onto your Visual Chart V platform by getting in touch with the support team. There are also important features for institutional investors such as Datafeed Solutions and Web Solutions.

Customer Support

The customer support team at Visual Chart is at the top of the league. They are available in English, Spanish, Italian, German and French. We tried several of the support numbers in English and German, and received the type of service we expect from a top European software company. The live chat and email support were just as enthusiastic, as we received the desired answers to our questions. If you are looking to use software with a reliable provider, then Visual Chart is the right choice.

User Friendly

Our team tried out both the free and subscription services, and found them to be user friendly. The website is well laid out and the products are easy to use. The software is designed by a knowledgeable, creative and organized team. This may explain why Visual Chart is one of the best known trading software websites in the world. Pay a visit to the FAQs section and Forum to keep up with the news at Visual Chart.

Ultimate Overview

Overall, we rate Visual Chart as one of the leading trading software and datafeed providers on the Internet. If you are looking for a company which provides you with products and services in several international languages, then look no further. It is no wonder that the quantity and quality of products provided by Visual Chat are getting better and better. Visit the website today to benefit from the leading software products