Viralstyle, the Tampa Tech Startup Now Accepts Bitcoin


Tamba Bay Company Accepting Bitcoin

First Viralstyle carved a niche by becoming the newest way to create, design, and sell custom apparel and accessories online; now, it has joined the league of tech giants Microsoft and Dell that accept Bitcoin. The company says that paying in Bitcoin, users can get everything from T-Shirts to posters and everything in between.

According to a source at Viralstyle, the company is full of all different types of projects, from non-profit fundraising to clothing lines and accessory startups, and by embracing the digital currency it is moving towards a revolutionary payment solution. Thus, jumping aboard the hottest sleigh in the world of currencies – Bitcoin, the company promises help to techsavy users.

Nonetheless, Viralstyle says that creators keep 100% ownership of their work. The company enables the creators to design and create an awesome campaign within minutes. They can also set their own price and then they are ready to sell to their community or fanbase. Once the campaign is finished Viralstyle takes care of the printing, payments, and shipping.

However, the hands the profit back to the sellers. The decision came on Christmas Eve and the final day of Hanukkah which according to some observers is an indication that the company is willing to cash in on the opportunity. Nonetheless, Viralstyle allowing customers to use the digital currency to purchase custom apparel gives hope to hundreds of people.

Several Tech and Retail Companies Embracing Bitcoin

Thus, joining the league of tech giants like Microsoft and Dell as well online retail superstars, TigerDirect and Newegg, etc. the Tampa tech startup is trying to leverage in on the potential available. Tampa Bay Area has a lot of businesses accepting Bitcoin; some observers may become the first Bitcoin city wherein 80% of its businesses accept Bitcoin.

Bitcoin which is not backed by any government authority or central bank exists only on the internet and is “mined” by powerful computers that solve complex math puzzles, has emerged as a popular choice for a lot of customers as it not just easy but also saves time. Viralstyle embracing it shows a trend that has been shown by retail companies in the US.

Viralstyle is a crowdfunded, print-on-demand, e-commerce platform that allows anybody to create, sell and distribute custom products worldwide. The company boasts an impressive design team that helps marketers bring their ideas to life. From there, Viralstyle has taken the hassle out of inventory, printing and fulfillment of products.

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