Vertcoin Launches Stealth Addresses


Privacy Concept – With an intention to compete aggressively in the emerging cryptocurrency economy, Vertcoin is now luring investors with the release of its new feature dubbed as “Stealth Addresses”.

Stealth Addresses is a long distant cousin on the anonymity feature first introduced by Darkcoin. With government regulations on cryptocurrencies becoming a common thing now a day, coin holders are looking for hideous ways to keep their money anonymous from the tie-wearing onlookers. As a result, we now have a market that is providing these customers with the most attractive pirate services, with Vertcoin being the latest in the list.


As we all know, even the father of the digital currencies Bitcoin is not private anymore. There are many tools available that can easily track Bitcoin transactions. Vertcoin might be the first ever cryptocurrency that has taken some important steps to fill this loophole (apart from Dark Wallet which is third party providers). The Stealth Addresses introduced on the Vertcoin Mainnet will work towards keeping the customers’ transactions anonymous. This technique will hide both public key and transaction amount from the onlookers.

The Vertcoin key representative stated a month back:

“Stealth addresses increase privacy for a recipient by allowing you to publish a stealth address, which is like a seed which the sender then uses to generate a unique one-use Vertcoin address for the transaction. All the transactions remain public on the blockchain, but knowing the entire transactional history of your stealth address is now no-longer possible except for you, the holder of the secret key.”

Customers are although informed to hold their horses while transacting their coins using stealth addresses. They have been specifically advised not to conduct large transactions for now, as the Vertcoin team is yet to update sufficient nodes inside the network.

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