Vertcoin Does a Darkcoin with Stealth Addresses


Vertcoin Does a Darkcoin with Stealth Addresses – Anonymity is the new fashion in the cryptocurrency clan. Even since the governments are going gaga over Bitcoin and likewise Cryptocurrencies, there has been huge demand from the users to somehow hide their transactions and other account details from the tie-wearing mongers. After all, Cryptocurrencies were always about keeping third parties away, especially those that would want to tax or regulate them in the name of some law imposed by who-knows-who.

While we have seen some advancement in the field of transaction anonymity with the launch of Darkcoin, Dark Wallet, etc. we now have one example of an existing coin which is specially upgrading itself to match the ongoing trend. Ladies and gentleman, meet Vertcoin, but this time in a new anonymous avatar.

According to the ongoing discussions on various social networking platforms, Vertcoin is currently testing stealth addresses. Kudos to its impeccable copywriting, one can guess that the “Stealth Addressees” are going to be something that can protect users’ accounts from onlookers, as well as protect them from the potential attacks by planting minimum interaction.


As per some hints given by one the experts on Reddit’s Vertcoin page, “Payers do not learn what other payments have been made to the stealth address, and third-parties learn nothing at all” making Vertcoin as a great alternative for making anonymous transactions in the future.

Meanwhile there is also a section of Vertcoin users, who believe to call the purpose of this upcoming technology a matter of privacy, rather anonymity. The little difference between “anonymous” and “private” here is being random and being completely hidden. The Vertcoin stealth addresses are promising the “hidden” factor.

It would be too soon to say whether this experiment will work or not as we have seen how Darkcoin failed to implement its own hardfork for the first time, but no matter what it looks promising enough to take Vertcoin “to the moon.”

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