vDice to close ICO on December 15 after its resounding success 


vDice, the Ethereum-based gaming platform, has announced that it will end its ongoing crowdsale (ICOon December 15, 2016. The project, according to its official website, has garnered a great response from the cryptocurrency community; it has raised over 214,223 ether tokens which, at press time, is equivalent to over $1.80 million.

vDice,io is an autonomous entity, executing as code on the Ethereum p2p network. It is the first casino to pull-off developing a completely trusted platform by using the Ethereum Blockchain technology. The project’s fundraising campaign, which went live on Novemeber 15 2016, has turned out to be better than expected by managing to raise such a whopping sum, and still going strong before the ICO ends next week.

The raised numbers evidently bring optimism to the cryptocurrency-based gambling community. According to many media reports, this industry has developed into one of most competitive markets today, with no signs of slowing down of the growth. The rampant growth has lead to innovation and introduction of many new options. vDice’s Ethereum platform is in that sense a pioneer in the industry.

vDice further leads change by becoming the first profit-sharing cryptocurrency casino with the launch of the ICO campaign. vSlice or the crypto–tokens for vDice ICO allows its holders to earn a share of profits from the vDice games. 

There is a cap of 96 million on the token supply and will not be available after the Crowdsale (ICO) ends on December 15, 2016. Moreover, they’ll be tradable on multiple exchange platforms once the ICO is over.

After the successful completion of crowdsale (ICO) next weekvDice’s site developers have a lot of big plans and will offer an amazing set of contracts. The contracts are basically games representing various investment opportunities for the prospective players/investors.

The funds raised during the ICO are to be used for the further development of vDice.io, as outlined in the detailed whitepaper and development roadmap, already available on the vDice ICO webpage.

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