vDice ICO Offers Investment Opportunity to Be Part of Blockchain Gaming Revolution


The Ethereum based decentralized online gambling platform, vDice has recently announced an ICO to fund a major development. The platform is deviating from its earlier business model to include community participation in its activities. As a part of its ICO, vDice is now issuing vSlice crypto-tokens which can be bought by anyone in the cryptocurrency community using a variety of digital currencies.

The vDice ICO, which started on November 15, 2016, has garnered huge support from day one itself. The ICO has created a record of sorts by raising over $1 million in a span on 90 minutes. As people continue to invest in vSlice tokens, the holders of the crypto tokens are offered two ways to profit from their investments. One of the methods includes trading the token for other cryptocurrencies at a premium or by holding on to it long enough to start receiving a share of vDice platform’s profits. These options make vSlice ICO ideal for both short term and long term investors.

vSlice tokens can be bought with a variety of cryptocurrencies. While the most preferred option is Ether for obvious reasons, other supported cryptocurrencies include Bitcoin and a range of altcoins. Those opting to invest in bitcoin or altcoins can do so by creating a vSlice wallet on the platform and converting their supported altcoins to ether using the integrated ShapeShiftexchange platform. Once the cryptocurrency is converted to ether, it can be used to buy vSlice immediately.

The funds raised by vDice during the ICO will be used to turn it into a more robust platform by increasing the efficiency of transactions. The vDice development roadmap is divided into three distinct phases, starting with Origin and graduating to Vanguard and eventually entering the Pioneer phase. The Vanguard phase will see a rapid expansion of game offerings on the platform along with a variety of upgraded features. Pioneer phase will mark the beginning of an open game development platform where developers can create their own blockchain games as decentralized applications and host it on the vDice platform.

As vDice realizes its vision, it is going to revolutionize the Ethereum based gaming sector. Those interested in being part of this revolution can easily do so by joining the vSlice ICO.

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