Vault of Satoshi Inaugurates Coin-To-Coin Trading


Vault of Satoshi Inaugurates Coin-To-Coin Trading – With the ongoing influx of several cryptocurrencies, the digital currency market is rapidly expanding, and also slowly transforming into a set of different communities – with each one of them supporting their own digital coin. However, the altcoins at lower levels don’t get their fair share of limelight as most of the cryptocurrency exchanges believes them to be exchanged either with fiat currency, or only with leading coins like Bitcoin, Litecoin, etc.

Beating this age-old notion is the renowned Bitcoin and altcoin exchange Vault of Satoshi (VOS), which yesterday launched an innovative service that will directly benefit the investors who do not wish to trade for major cryptocurrencies, as they require a time-consuming verification process. The Canada-based exchange has thus inaugurated a special coin-to-coin trading service that will excuse investors from such inflexible norms.


The VOS Director of Marketing also elaborated the procedures involved in trading between fiat and digital currency, and highlighted the fact that such procedures are not applicable when one needs to trade between two dissimilar digital coins. “Users who create an account, and are in our serviced countries will be able to trade coin to coin without the need for any verification,” he said.

Traders who will benefit from the aforementioned amendments at VOS will be liable to pay a mere 1 percent trading fee. To beat even these hassles, the Canadian exchange has offered a new trading plan under which traders will able to trade without paying any commission. They although will have to pay a $99 rental every moth to avail this service.

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