Vancouver Police Search East Vancouver Medical Pot Shop


Vancouver Police Search East Vancouver Medical Pot Shop Vancouver police have initiated a process to have a medical marijuana dispensary in East Vancouver that they claim is conducting its operations in an “unsafe manner”.

The police used a warrant to search the Weeds Glass and Gifts, which is located at 2580 Kingsway, on Monday morning as part of their drug probe. The officers issued a statement, saying that they will institute charges, and also press for seizure of assets as per the civil forfeiture laws.

“These dispensaries are illegal and the Vancouver police department will initiate investigations on a priority basis,” said Insp. Mike Serr, the drug squad leader. “Dispensaries that are operating in a manner that causes concern for public safety will become a priority.”

The police didn’t give further details, but Weeds claimed that the dispensary was searched after somebody told the officers that the premises grew marijuana plants. Brian Harris denied that the facility was growing marijuana for sale, acknowledging that plants were grown but not to full maturity.


Harris told The Province that the dispensary used the crops to demonstrate to the public and didn’t sell them. He however said the plants could be sold in vegetation state, when they didn’t have any tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the active compound in pot that gives users the characteristic high.

Weeds Glass and Gifts operates six other dispensaries across Vancouver, though it is against the law to operate dispensaries in the city. However, dozens of shops still operate, with police ignoring them.

Canada banned private growing of marijuana on April 1 and registered a few approved producers. This prompted most law enforcers in British Columbia to say that they will only bust personal pot growers if they are thought to have criminal links. To register for a free 2-week subscription to ForexMinute Premium Plan, visit

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