User Sells Half a Billion Reddcoins; Market Crashes


User Sells Half a Billion Reddcoins; Market Crashes – After enjoying stability around the PoSV announcement, Reddcoin market faced a huge blow on their face when one of its key traders sold his half a billion coins. The seller also left a note in which he sounded very frustrated with the “astronomical manipulation” in the Reddcoin market. His statement read:

“Today I’ve seen posts made deliberately to cause a sell-off (bravo, it happened!), I’ve seen 100btc+ walls move in and out at a moment’s notice. I’ve seen users banned and posts deleted within seconds when illuminating remarks have been made.”

We couldn’t get the man’s id as he left the community right after posting his statement on Reddit. However, he left no evidence for his remarks over the Reddcoin “alleged” manipulative market. But indeed his allegations were serious enough to raise enough eyebrows. The man directly accused the “large forces and whales” in the market who do not have the best interests of the coin at heart. “Something doesn’t feel right,” he said while using the Indiana Jones tone.


Quite diplomatically, the man did his bid adieu by praising Reddcoin and its team of developers whilst also promising to come back. “I believe in the future of [Reddcoin], its developers and everyone who stands behind it, and I will be back. But on the run-up to PoSV with the chronic and chaotic manipulation at work – for the time being, I’m out.”

And in the meantime, Reddcoin market cap and price crashed over 20% within the matter of minutes.

As the man clearly blamed the admins for deleting revolt-like comments, we think it would be quite biased to discuss the reaction of the community. Most of them however termed the anonymous seller as a man who simply wanted to make profits when a cryptocurrency was at its peak. No comments!

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