Use those Lites and Doges on BTCTrip now

Bitcoin - Triangle Pattern with Bullish Bias

If there are more examples needed to prove the higher adoption curve of cryptocurrencies then BTCTrip’s latest offer is a fair illustration.

Why BTCTrip?

BTCTrip, which until now allowed bitcoins as the payment mode to confirm bookings, has announced that it will accept other siblings of the large cyrptocurrency world.

Litcoins and Dogecoins are now welcome when making your bookings on BTCTrip.

Back in June 2013, when BTCTrip officially began accepting bitcoins, it veered away from the norms of Expedia and the likes of Travelocity, to become the first cryptocurrency –based Travel booking website.

The laudable feature was all of the normal bookings that the popular travel websites offered were now possible with bitcoins.

A little over a year later, BTCTrip has chosen to move to the next level of travel services for the cryptocurrency user community.

Recently, Martin Fernandez, BTCTrip founder and CEO was happy to confirm that they were now allowing payment via litecoins and dogecoins as well.

In fact, he shared that much of the drive to offer bitcoin alternative was driven by dogecoin community, thus, “I follow this community and I think they are very fresh. They are trying to do new things, so for us, it was very important to accept dogecoin. […] For me, BTCTrip is a company, but it is also an experiment in cryptocurrency communities.”

With the introduction of litecoins, BTCTrip CEO confirmed that there would be litecoin merchant processors on the team now. While BitPay will continue as the partner for bitcoin processing, Gocoin will provide support for litecoin processing he commented.

He emphasized that,“I always repeat the same sentence, we are not accepting bitcoin [and dogecoin], we are accepting bitcoiners and dogecoiners. We are accepting the cryptocurrency community.”

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