US Marshals Bitcoin Auction Winners Revealed


US Marshals Bitcoin Auction Winners Revealed – After a long pause, US Marshals Services (USMS) announced the names of the winners of around 48,000 BTC seized from Silk Road alleged owner Ross Ulbricht.

The US law enforcement agency posted on twitter that a syndicate formed by an upstart exchange SecondMarket and open-ended private organization Bitcoin Investment Trust took away the maximum stash out of the auctioned units. The winner of the first auction, Tim Draper, was earlier announced to have won only 2,000 BTC on behalf of its venture firm Draper Associates.

The USMS private mail read:

“The U.S. Marshals Service is confirming that the recent bitcoin auction resulted in two winning bidders. One bidder won 19 blocks, totaling 48,000 bitcoins, and the other won one block of 2,000 bitcoins. Because SecondMarket has voluntarily come forward, we can confirm that it was the winner of 48,000 bitcoins, and the transfer of those bitcoins was completed Monday.”

SecondMarket CEO Brendan O’Connor publicized his excitement with the results, and praised the efforts brought up by the syndicate to provide its participants. “We’re very excited that the work that we put in in terms of organizing the syndicate was able to bear some fruit this time around,” he told

The bidders who failed to win even a single bid included Bitcoin veterans like Pantera Capital and Mirror.

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