US Court Affirms ITC Ruling on Samsung Patent Case Against Apple


US Court Affirms ITC Ruling on Samsung Patent Case Against Apple

A US appeals court on Wednesday refused to reignite a Samsung patent case against Apple, agreeing with the ruling by the International Trade Commission that Apple was not guilty of illegally using three technological ideas owned by Samsung Electronics.

According to the EconomicTimes, the ITC determined in June 2013 that Apple did not violate the patents. The decision was reinforced by the US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit, although it did not give reasons for the determination.

Apple and Samsung have seen their rivalry take them to courts around the world for three years. The firms have been accusing the other of stealing patents in manufacture of smartphones and other mobile gadgets. However, courts have desisted from awarding the firms a substantial sales ban against the other.

Apple’s stock price was stable on Wednesday afternoon, ascending 0.2% at $594.73.

According to findings of the ITC in June, Apple had violated a Samsung patent that was not included in the Wednesday ruling. The court ordered Apple devices that have the patented feature to be banned from sale in the US, Reuters reported.

The Samsung smartphone is among many iPhone rivals that use Google Inc’s Android OS, which Apple’s founder Steve Jobs said was stolen technology.


Android is the world’s most common OS for smartphones and phone makers using the software such as Samsung and HTC have been accused by Apple of patent violations.

Neither Apple nor Samsung appears to win the legal battles for the most part. Apple successfully had jurors award it around $930 million in California after a 2012 patent infringement case. Yet, the court declined to ban the sale of Samsung mobile devices in the US over the violations as demanded by Apple.

Earlier this month, the same court ordered Samsung to compensate Apple $119.6 million over three patent infringements.

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