US Congressman Jared Polis Committed to Defend Bitcoin in Congress

US Congressman Jared Polis Committed to Defend Bitcoin in Congress
US Congressman Jared Polis Committed to Defend Bitcoin in Congress

US Congressman Jared Polis Committed to Defend Bitcoin in Congress

Speaking to media professionals, Jared Polis says that he is committed to help Bitcoin and for that he will use his powers in Congress to fight against any attempts by the government to enact policies that restrict the growth of Bitcoin. He is the man who issued a satirical response to calls from lawmakers seeking to ban Bitcoin.

He believes that a lot of opinions that are against Bitcoin are being generated by the ones who are least informed about it. Therefore, he aims to educate them about the digital currency so that the policymakers in Congress understand it and then make any opinion. He says that a lot of people in the Bitcoin community are fed up with uninformed policies from Washington.

This year in March, Jared Polis came to the news when opposing the opinion from some Congressmen that Bitcoin should be banned, he had said that instead of banning the digital currency, it is the USD that should be banned. Over the months, he has become a ‘thought leader’ and ‘unofficial spokesperson’ for the digital currency industry.

He says that if he is elected to another two-year term in office this November, he would definitely be advocating and protecting the digital currency diligently in Congress.

According to him, if there was an agency that reacted in irrationally negative way to digital currencies, he would be happy to rally support in Congress to restrict their funding.


Will Do His Part to Keep the US Digital Currency Ecosystem Informed

Jared Polis is of the opinion that though Congress is governed by the executive branch, the US legislature can help shape policies through its control of the funds provided to federal agencies. The US legislature can also influence the policies exerting regulatory pressure wherever the need arises.

Love for Bitcoin is not new for Jared Polis as according to him it goes back to his lifelong interest in technology and the Internet. This 39 year old graduate of Princeton University is a political science major and believes that despite the gains digital currencies are making with politicians around the world, more negative reactions are expected as awareness of digital currencies grows.

The college days shaped his political opinion wherein he co-founded his first company, American Information Systems, an internet access, web hosting and application service provider. He says that he will do his part to keep the US digital currency ecosystem informed while he remains in office.

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