UniversityCoin: New Litecoin-Inspired Cryptocurrency for College and University Campuses


UniversityCoin: New Litecoin-Inspired Cryptocurrency for College and University Campuses – ‘Are you a university student?’ is a question you are introduced to at UniversityCoin’s official website. UniversityCoin, as the name suggests, is another addition to the overcrowded cryptocurrency market. But like its predecessors, this new virtual currency is also trying to offer something specific, to a specific community. So what is so innovative about it? Read below to know more:

A global awakening of cryptocurrencies has begun across College and University campuses worldwide. The younger generations are starting to wake up to the global issues that are becoming increasingly evident due to food prices, gas prices, and more generally the cost of living. In addition, the job market has suffered in recent years offering limited opportunities to motivated and intelligent individuals.

UniversityCoin isn’t only for University students and instead offers the world the unique opportunity of partnering up with some of the most hardworking and determined undergrad and recent graduates from leading Universities across the world. We have a growing network of computer science, business and marketing students who are determined to form strategic partnerships with all individuals in this community.

College and University classes have just ended for the summer and this team will be working tirelessly to make UVC a success. This will include constant development and updates from our computer science team and maximum exposure from our marketing team.


The plan may sound a little unachievable but statistically it is quite a wonder in itself. From what information I could gather, there are over 17,000 universities in the world, equipping over a million students of diverse sectors – ranging from technology to medical to management. In a best-case scenario, we are looking at over a million users of UniversityCoin if, in case, it achieves extensive acceptance in near future.

It would be too soon to say about how they will manage to gain recognition in this over-competitive cryptocurrency sector, but there idea is indeed noteworthy, especially when it directly benefits the students who are looking forward to ease their highly expensive day-to-day educational-expenses. UniversityCoin, without a doubt, is an idea with a noble cause in its roots. If exploited well, it can seriously amend the commerce of existing educational structure, in a good way.

UniversityCoin will be officially launched on April 29th this year.

Technical Specifications:
Coins From PoW: One Week
Algorithm: Scrypt PoW + PoS
Coins per block: 1000 UVC
Block time: 30 seconds
Difficulty retarget: Every block
Block reward halving: None
Total Coin for PoW: 20m UVC
Marketing Fund (Premine): 0.5%
(Strategic partnerships, bounties & giveaways)
IPO: None
P2P port: 10707, RPC port: 10708

PoS Stage:
Min Stake: 1 day
Max Stake: 180 days
Interest rate: Fixed at 3.8% annually
Bonus Interest Periods: From June 1st to August 31st & between December 23rd and January 3rd; the rate will be 8.5% annually

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