UK Prime Minister David Cameron voices his Support for Fracking


UK Prime Minister David Cameron voices his Support for FrackingUK Prime Minister David Cameron voiced his support for fracking, saying it is “good for our country” and blamed the lack of understanding about the technology for fawning opposition to it.

He said that the public will acknowledge the value of fracking once shale wells are commissioned later this year, saying shale gas resources will help Europe cut its reliance on Russian gas exports.

This announcement comes at a time when the Ukraine-Russia conflict has escalated to levels that necessitate the urgency of finding alternative gas sources in order to cut Russia’s geopolitical influence in the continent.

 Cameron said he acknowledged that there are “uncertainties, worries and concerns” about fracking, or technically hydraulic fracturing.  Speaking on the sidelines of Nuclear Security Summit in The Hague, he insisted such concerns will be reviewed once shale gas wells are up and running.


“I don’t think it’s so much nimby MPs. I think it takes time because of people’s uncertainties and worries and concerns. We just have to address those. I think one of the best ways of addressing that is to get some shale gas wells up and running so people can go and see them and you can hear more directly from local people about what it has meant for their communities” said Cameron, when asked by the Guardian whether opposition by local politicians is dragging the exploitation of the resource.

Cameron said that while Britain doesn’t rely on Russia for much of its gas imports, some European countries do, some importing 100 percent. He said that this should be a “wake-up call” and that action will be taken on the issue, which he termed a tier-one political issue.

The G7 and the European Union have increased their efforts to source for alternative sources of energy, such as shale, in response to Russia’s actions in Ukraine.

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