Two Colorado City Residents Move to Court Seeking to have Fracking Ban Enforced


Two Colorado City Residents Move to Court Seeking to have Fracking Ban EnforcedColorado governor John Hickenlooper, the State of Colorado and the Colorado Oil and Gas Association have been sued by two residents of Lafayette on Tuesday, seeking prompt enforcement of the fracking ban approved last November by Lafayette residents, reported the Daily Camera.

60 percent of Lafayette residents voted for a bill that sought to ban any new energy extraction in the city, though the Colorado Oil and Gas Association, the energy industry’s lobby group in the state, moved in to the court against Lafayette in order to have the ban declared invalid. The association claimed that the prohibition was against the state law as “state regulations specify and the state Supreme Court has ruled that oil and gas development, which must employ hydraulic fracturing or fracking, supersedes local laws and cannot be banned.”


However, Cliff Wilmeng, a representative of anti-fracking organization East Boulder Country United, and another Lafayette resident Ann Griffin went to the Boulder District Court on Tuesday, seeking for orders to have COGA’s lawsuit dismissed.

Wilmeng and Griffin also requested the court to award injunctions “enjoining the defendants from attempting to enforce the Oil and Gas Act against the plaintiffs and the people of the city of Lafayette to invalidate the charter amendment as well as any future enforcement of the act.”

The two residents said that their lawsuit was meant to enforce the fundamental rights of all Lafayette residents, which they say are being infringed by the Colorado Oil and Gas Association. They say that such rights aren’t inferior to corporate privilege and that the state or the governor of Colorado has no right to trade or overrule them. To register for a free 2-week subscription to ForexMinute Premium Plan, visit

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