Two Angel Investors Put Money into to BTC ATM Operator SatoshiPoint


SatoshiPoint Bitcoin ATMs

In a press release, Bitcoin ATM operator SatoshiPoint informs that the company has received the backing of two experienced Angel investors. It also claims that the two investors have helped the company raise handsome investments in the first round of funding. Nonetheless, the funds will be used by the company to finance its expansion.

SatoshiPoint plans for further expansion of capabilities so that individuals buy and sell Bitcoin in more locations and digitally online in larger quantities than ever. As soon as the first round of funding was done, the company announced that a second round of funding is already planned. This according to the company will allow it install BTC ATMs at 15 more locations nationwide.

The company says that it firmly believes it will be able to gather even more investors in the second round as it promises bright future for them. Also, as the future is bright for SatoshiPoint and the UK’s Bitcoin community, a lot of new investments will be pouring in the second round. Investors are willing to take risk with this Bitcoin infrastructure company as they see hope.

Nonetheless, the company claims that additional locations where Bitcoin ATMs will be installed will enable more early adopters to try Bitcoin for the first time and experience using the cryptocurrency both online and offline. The partnership between two Angel Investors and Hassan Khoshtaghaza, Managing Director of SatoshiPoint, is talk of the town.

According to those who have been closely observing Bitcoin ecosystem the partnership between the two looks set to be a promising for both the company and the UK’s Bitcoin ecosystem as a whole. Nonetheless, Hassan Khoshtaghaza, Managing Director of SatoshiPoint, said that these are exciting times for Bitcoin, SatoshiPoint and the UK.

SatoshiPoint Wants to be the largest Network of Bitcoin ATMs in the World

He believes that working with the angel investors it gets much needed positive energy for the future. With this all positivity he says that SatoshiPoint looks forward to seeing the business grow and adapt to the needs of the crypto community in the United Kingdom and further afield.

The Bitcoin company says that it is already operating the largest network of Bitcoin ATMs in the United Kingdom with current locations in Rathbone Place and Old Street Underground London, Manchester, Bristol and Swansea. With more funds on the way, the company is en-route to managing the largest Bitcoin ATM network in the world.

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