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TradeRush Review


As the only broker to offer an unheard of 60 second trade we had to take a closer look at TradeRush to see what they are all about.After some time it’s clear their platform and client offer are second to none.

Company Information

Founded in:
Limassol, Cyprus & London, UK
The Owner:
TradeRush Ltd
1 800 986 6318, 0808 189 1458
Minimum Deposit:
Minimum Trade Amount:
$25 ($5 on 60 second trades)
Maximum PerTrade:
Languages available:
English, Arabic, Russian, Japanese, Spanish, French, Swedish and German.

Trading Platform

Offering two different views which are basically two separate platforms, it’s clear that TradeRush worked hard to create an easy to use platform. They offer trading on Forex pairs, Indices, Stocks as well as Commodities, totaling over 80 individual assets. The TradeRush platform offers its exclusive 60 second options which are by far the fastest expiry times on the market and actually a lot of fun to trade. With each type of trade there is an explanation of how to enter an option.

Main Features

TradeRush offers some unique features that other platforms have overlooked. Firstly their exclusive 60 second options are certainly what sets this broker apart from the crowd. Additionally they offer clients unique trading functions. Their RollOver feature allows traders to extend open digital options to the next available expiry time. It’s a great feature that gives users a second chance to have their trade expire in the money.

Another great feature is the Double Up function. This is again used on open trades and allows you to literally double up on your trade by opening another position in the same direction on the same asset.

The TradeRush One Touch options offer huge opportunities to profit with fixed risk. Offering up to 500% return on individual trades, these trades are great for long term predictions.

Lastly and most importantly the TradeRush platform features a “cancel” option. When entering a normal position users will have 3 seconds to verify their entry rate and confirm or cancel the trade. This can be great under highly volatile market conditions.

Customer Support

The TradeRush customer service is well known for being very friendly and the team is actually very knowledgeable. They can be contacted 24 hours a day 5 days a week via Chat support, phone and email. We attempted to reach their customer service via chat and always reached an operator quickly. We also contacted them via email as well and received a reply the same day.

User Friendly

Our major issue with TradeRush is that they do not offer demo accounts, creating a learning curve of sorts.TradeRush offers some great bonuses when opening accounts and this pretty much eliminates the need for a demo account. As we said previously trading with TradeRush is very easy. We also noticed that while depositing thatthe sites pages are on a secure server and that all deposits are made via the most secure connection possible.

Ultimate Overview

TradeRush’s platform offers many unique options that make them one of the top binary options providers on the Internet today. If you’re looking for your first binary options broker or simply looking for a new broker we definitely recommend you giveTradeRush a shot.