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TradeRush Review

[00:11] – Hello and welcome to review of TradeRush binary options broker based in the United Kingdom. Looking at the front page of the website (as you can see that is where I am at), it does the forex, commodities, stocks, indices and individual stock that gives you options of trading several different markets at the same time; or perhaps even taking advantage of inefficiencies at market place, such as longer terms, correlations breaking down as you expect them to return to their normal.

For example: if you believe that gold is going up, eventually the Australian Dollar will. But it hasn’t! Buying the Aussie Dollar at a time, that kind of thing! You can see the front page have a pretty basic standard binary options type web page where you can place the trade right away. You can click, you know, over the commodities, and you can see that that in most charts it gives you the max payout right now. Gold/EUR is the chart we are looking at right now. But you have NASDAQ, as well SMI Future, and that kind of similar thing like VIX, Germany 10 year Bonds, the France 40 and IBEX, VIX, etc.

[01:38] – Plenty of bonds, stocks (a lot of the major ones as you can see). It has City group, DAEMAR, SIEMENS, PETROBRAS, and some other bigger companies around the world. Quite a few to trade from! So, it gives you plenty of exposure to the stock market.

Going back to the commodities where we started – Gold/EUR, Platinum Sugar, Silver, Coffee, and Gold (which of course should be priced in US Dollar). And also Copper, Wheat, Corn, etc. There are some pairs you can trade if you are interested in trading stocks. For example: BNP VS BARCLAYS, FACEBOOK VS TWITTER; this is more less if you ever hear the analyst on the television speaking about trading in pairs. So for example if you see an opportunity in a particular industry, a lot of traders will trade pairs in order to kind of bring the volatility down.
[02:45] – So for example: Facebook and twitter pair. You might say you feel that social media is going to go higher; you feel the Facebook is best in class. So you go along with Facebook and you short twitter. The idea being that if you are wrong, twitter should fall and that is like a golden option in the sense that you are making money back from the falling sector.

It is certainly a way to make money but what if it is a way to get rest because the opposite would be true if entire sector rises and twitter goes against you. Then obviously you will not be making much. But it is more about risk management strategy. For those of you who may or may not be used to that kind of thinking, you can see we have got finances right on the side. There are plenty different types of options. There is one touch, 60 seconds, the standard expiries around them as well.

It has a pretty good education area. You click on education then the video academy binary options and you will courses in the form of eBooks, etc. So I mean there is a lot to be learned here. You can see right now at the time of recording, 3 Risk Free Trades as a bit of bonus. That of course is helpful.

[04:08] – There you go to the FAQs and it gives you a standard questions and answers area. Deposits are pretty simple. Credit cards (you know all the major credit cards etc.); withdrawal hence is all the same. Credit card minimum deposit is of 200 units depending on what currency you are in – USD200, EUR200, GBP200, or CAD200.
There is a certain amount of deposit option you can use using MasterCard, American Express, Diner. Wire transfers from your bank of course are Money Bookers. Now the withdrawal procedures are a little bit different, depending on how you doing; credit card scores are going to be quicker than a wire transfer, etc. So you know you have to look into that that how you choose the fund.

[05:07] – There is contact number in Sydney as well as in London. So depending on where you are in the world, you should be able to hopefully find a local number. There of course is chat, etc. and email obviously.
The Asset Index here, you can click on that and it will tell you all the information about what they do trade. You know GAZPROM for example; these are the stocks obviously. Indices, commodities and pairs – quite a bit of options out there; you can see there are plenty of currencies, such as USD/BRL which is something that is not easy to find for example.

So again you have here Bitcoin which is becoming more and more popular. There are also some common pairs you know the AUD/USD kind of thing. When you look into the company itself, TradeRush offer an unmatched 81% maximum return on 60 second option, so that is a large payout in a short amount of time if that is your forte sort of trading.
[06:30] – The company itself is British and based in other locations as well. So you do have the flexibility with the various regulations etc. They are company which has been around for several years from now; well-known worldwide and offers plenty of trading opportunities.

Education is just acknowledged on this website. Very good website, we like this website a lot. The platform of course is intuitive; it’s the basic platform on their website. They do have an option pro which is a little bit different than option builder. As oppose to the method in which you just buy call or put; so for example Option Pro will bring up a chart here that is a little bit more, shall we say, professional in the sense that you can make it (you have got the chart here, you have got the sell option zone). There is also a no trading zone for those who goes run out of points.

You know you can put the amount in here and apply and you can set the expiry team to know how much is left. You know you obviously have a lot of different markets here. You can have a history of, you know say, 5 hours and it will just refresh the charts. And you know the usual stuff there, and when we look at the option builder it is a little bit different in the sense that, shall I say, in more constructive type of situation where you go and find you asset first. For example, we are going to go to Silver, and set the expiry time to 2 hours, and you know the risk management and investment, etc. And just pull up the chart and go ahead and place your trade.
Good broker, we liked TradeRush a lot, lots of opportunities, very well known, lots of bonuses (the bonuses do change from time to time so I am not making a big deal because by the time you are watching this video, there would be a complete different offers, but do make sure to look into it), and of course you have live support 24/7 – be it chat if nothing else. In the end, an excellent broker.

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