Trade FX Plus Review

Trade FX Plus Review

TradeFXPlus is a forex signals and automated trading service provider that was founded in 2005. A number of signals are sent each week according to the following majors: EUR/USD, USD/JPY, GBP/USD and USD/CHF. Please read further to learn more about what you can gain by subscribing to the services of TradeFXPlus.

Company Information

TradeFXPlus Review
Founded in:
United States
The Owner:, LLC.
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Main Features

The subscription to the forex signals is only $69 a month, a low for the industry. If you browse to the Signals Performance & Results page, you will see an example of a total net profit. You may receive trading signals by email, mobile phone or logging into your account.

Keep up with all of the pending and close trades via the Trade Log. The winning targets are near 100 pips, while the stop losses are at around 40 pips. Therefore, over time you have the ability to become successful with these trading signals.
You may want to pay the Blog a visit to meet with different traders who post different tips. In addition, there are several brokers listed on the website, and you can compare the spreads and other trading conditions. However, TradeFXPlus does not recommend a specific broker.

Customer Support

The customer support does lose points due to the absence of any phone number on the site and the inability to contact TradeFXPlus via live chat. There are several email addresses you are able to contact to get connected to the different departments. We contacted support to explain to us how the different services work and the subscription fees. They took a few hours to reply, but the answer went into the relevant details about how to use the various available services.

User Friendly

The service is a breath of fresh air, as you receive clear cut trading signals. The daily trading signals are easy to integrate into your forex trading strategy. They can yield high returns if the signals are used in the right way. It is recommended to make the trade when the signal is received.

All you need to do is put the Buy or Sell trade on a specific currency pair with a stop order and limit order. Therefore, you can exit a trade with the desirable gains or minimum potential losses.

There is a demo account where you can start trading with these trading signals. Therefore, you have a chance to get a feel of how good the signals adjust to your forex trading strategy. If you use the services wisely, you can put your losses at minimum by using the money management system.

We were impressed by the variety of education features on offer. These include the Blog, Technical Analysis, Trading Strategies, Trading Forecasts, Money Management and Technical Indicators.

Ultimate Overview

TradeFXPlus is a top grade signals provider, and the ease of use of the website makes the service that much more pleasurable. The signals service is simple and to the point, and there is no overload of trading signals. As a result, you have the time to think how to best integrate these signals into your forex trading on a daily basis. If you are looking for a good priced forex signals service (from $69) that is straight to the point, then visit for more details.