Track n Trade Review

Track n Trade Review

There are various types of Track n Trade software on offer at the following link: Therefore, there is a great chance for traders to master their skills with forex, stocks, commodities or indices. The Track n Trade software has been extensively developed by Lan Turner, the CEO of Gecko Software, a company established in 1998. The Track n Trade software has had huge popularity both in the United States and internationally. The review below shows just what this unique software offers global traders.

Company Information

Track n Trade
Founded in:
Utah, United States
The Owner:
Gecko Software Inc.
+1800 862 7193
Languages available:

Main Features

There is the Track n Trade LIVE Forex, LIVE Futures, End of Day Futures and Stocks software to choose from. These all include an optional 14 day trial and customizable indicators. The best features are the Fibonacci tools such as Fans, Arcs, Time Zones, Retracements and Extensions. You are able to manually or automatically identify crucial Elliot Wave patterns. The Andrews Pitchfork and Gann Fans allow you to effectively measure market movements.
Take advantage of easy to read Buy/Sell signals, user friendly charting and notation tools, automated forex trading, risk/reward calculators and much more. You canquickly get started in financial market trading with an effective trading strategy with the special Track n Trade software.

Customer Support

The website is only available in English, but there are many ways to get in touch with the support team. There are 5 email addresses, 2 phone number and 1 physical address. We tried both of the numbers and received helpful and friendly support. We were on the phone for more than an hour, as the representative was only too willing to tell us the full details of the software. The email team replied to us in less than an hour with the information we needed. We were happy with the overall working of the support team.

User Friendly

You can watch numerous Track n Trade Educational Videos during your free time. Therefore, you can learn the quickest ways to execute a trade. The Track n Trade online manual is a great resource to learn more about how the trading software works. Don’t forget to attend one or more of the Track n Trade Daily Webinars to learn more about the products on offer. The Track n Trade Support Forum is a good place to train from the experts. These are just a few of the features which make the Track n trade software so user friendly.

Ultimate Overview

Track n Trade trading software is very popular among its clients. You can purchase the software which is more relevant to the assets you trade, meaning there is a decent choice of options. The fact is that the support team and the working of the software really impressed us. These 2 factors is what we highly value when weighing whether or not to purchase the Track n Trade trading software.