Toronto to Hold Blockchain and Fintech Expo 2015


Toronto to Hold Blockchain and Fintech Expo 2015

Toronto has huge community of Bitcoin supporters who are willing to host Blockchain and Fintech Expo 2015. This according to the organizers will take place at the downtown core in the second week of September 2015. Anthony Di Iorio, the face and serial entrepreneur behind Toronto’s Decentral technology hub and showed his happiness about the decision.

Di Iorio writes that given the amazing feedback his organization received from the previous event, it was decided that it would go for it again this year. Also, as Toronto is a great location for events like this, especially since such a large percentage of the Canadian population is within a 5 hour drive of Toronto, it is the best venue.

Nonetheless, Di Lorio also said that it is such a prominent financial and technology center that it just simply makes sense to hold an event here again. Some renowned entities like Vitalik Buterin, Gavin Wood & Anthony Di Iorio of Ethereum, David Johnston of DApps Fund, Matthew Roszak of Tally Capital, etc. have been invited to present their views at the occasion.

Some other speakers include Brock Pierce of ChangeTip, Tether and the Bitcoin Foundation, David Bailey of BTC Media, Joel Dietz of Swarm, Paul Snow of Factom, Shawn Wilkinson of Storj, Jason King of Sean’s Outpost, Jamie Robinson of QuickBT, Jeff Coleman of Kryptokit, William Mougayar of Start-Up Management, Michael Terpin of Social Radius and others.

Thus, Toronto’s Decentral, a Blockchain technology hub home of Ethereum and host of 2014’s Bitcoin expo, announces new “Blockchain and Fintech Expo” as well as a move of their home base after a bearish winter. Anthony Di Iorio also announced a couple of iconic events for their local as well as international communities.

Vibrant Bitcoin Community in Toronto

Nonetheless, the organization has been at the forefront of Bitcoin; for instance, it held 2014’s Bitcoin expo which sought to fundraise for the Canadian Bitcoin Alliance and successfully delivered 80 Bitcoin to them for 100% of their profits. The organizers then invited over 50 speakers from around the world and more than 700 registered attendees.

Talking to media Stepan Vorobiev, the founder of the University of Toronto’s Decentralized Tech Association and co-organizer of the hackathon, says that he expects inventions and hacks “will range from conventional Fintech applications to ‘Dapps’ such as smart-contract enhanced IoT (Internet of things) apps.”

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