Top Law Firm McLaughlin & Stern, LLP Now Accepts Bitcoin

Top Law Firm McLaughlin & Stern, LLP Now Accepts Bitcoin
Top Law Firm McLaughlin & Stern, LLP Now Accepts Bitcoin

Top Law Firm McLaughlin & Stern, LLP Now Accepts Bitcoin

Law firms accepting Bitcoin brings legitimacy to the digital currency and if that comes from a top law firm in New York, it looks like it is definitely a welcome development. Now, McLaughlin & Stern, LLP, has announced that they are accepting Bitcoin payments for their legal services effective immediately.

McLaughlin & Stern that engages in sophisticated legal work at the cutting edge of the profession, has a great and illustrious history. It was formed years back in 1898, when two leaders of the New York bar, Alonzo McLaughlin and Leo Stern, hung out a shingle at 15 William Street in Lower Manhattan.

Later on the law firm flourished and developed a sterling reputation for providing trusted counsel. Over the decades, the law firm has been innovative and receptive to the new ideas and concepts. Accepting Bitcoin, McLaughlin & Stern is proving that this law firm with offices in West Palm Beach, Florida and other locations in New York is pro-change.

According to the announcement the law firm practices in a number of different fields like taxation, employment, real estate, and bankruptcy and now these services are available in exchange of Bitcoin. In his statement Michael Paradise, member of the law firm’s Executive Committee said that he is excited to offer clients a new way to pay.


Michael Paradise also added that he believes it is important that if his firm wants to be on the cutting edge of the law and technology, it must adapt and apply the law to these new technologies. He says that by accepting the digital currency he hopes to demonstrate that there is no tension between innovation and prudence.

In the statement issued to press and clients as well, Michael Paradise said that the best companies in this space that his firm engages with are especially sensitive to complying with the law and his firm has been there to help guide them in the process.

Partners with Coin.Co System for Payment Processing

To facilitate Bitcoin payment McLaughlin & Stern, LLP has partnered up with Systems, an enterprise Bitcoin merchant processing company based out of New York. The law firm believes that the partnership will allow clients to use the digital currency to pay with little risk to the firm.

The law firm says that clients would prefer Bitcoin as there is near-instant payment and minimal fees.

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